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Have you seen Interstellar trailer? I can’t quite decipher the plot, but it definitely has to do with Matthew McConaughey’s character putting his normal life at hold, and instead doing something quite different.

This made me think about the safety of routines we fall into:

  • wake up at 7.15am
  • have X, Y or Z breakfast
  • drive to work through the same route
  • check your emails during the first minutes of your day (and then every fifteen minutes)
  • drink two coffee cups: 1 splenda, half cream
  • like some posts at Facebook, rt some cool idea, tell a story to your coworkers during coffee time
  • edit that ppt and that excel so it pleases your boss
  • buy 8pm movie tickets
  • go home and say see you tomorrow to your colleagues

This is good. It makes us think that you have everything under control. And, in a certain way, we do. We receive a paycheck that helps us pay our bills, our car, our daily needs, and even lets us save for vacations, and for the future.

This makes us average, and average is good. Average is on the way of a certain happiness. Average maintains systems going and this systems integrate themselves to form and keep a civilization.

The question is: are we ok with this? Because we may not be, and that’s also ok.

In every civilization there are individuals and tribes that want to improve people’s lives by changing the way things are. It could be a new medicine, a different kind of art, an improvement in logistics, a wonderful dish, book, house, bank service or digital solution.

You would think that I’m talking strictly about entrepreneurs, but not necessarily. There are individuals that improve people’s lives from their corporate offices, their retail stores and their classrooms by committing to do things better.

Doing this, they don’t just change the world. They also fulfill a personal dream: the dream of being all they can be by mixing their talents and passions in unique ways that foster a personal sense of achievement.

(And this is very related to happiness: the sense of achievement is one of the highest motivators in the human psyche. It may not be present in everyone with the same intensity, but it definitely pushes us to do better, to give more and to try harder)

So, if you decide it, start ASAP. It’s never to early, but it’s usually too late. To do things different you need a huge amount of energy to build something remarkable and, equally important, to convince people that they should try your new thing. This energy may come and go, but it’s usually more present in young people, so start today: call that friend and go for those foundational beers (yes, one day I called John and asked him that I had to talk with him). Buy that book. Open your blog. Register your brand.

Routines are good, but maybe you want more, something different. And that’s ok. It may not be only a personal thing: the world also needs more of you.

Will you give in? Or will you fly?

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